Ariel’s work epitomizes his world view - a harmonious blend of naturalism and theism. Likewise, he believes art can act as a mediator between opposing belief systems. His work explores the space created when material succumbs to agency, and spans the distance separating intelligent design and evolution, with the goal of ultimately joining them.  In this series of sculptures, he creates handmade, miniature flowers infused with a spiral in the center, imitating the DNA of the individual. These miniature sculptures bond together like cells to create a larger body illustrating unique purpose and symbiotic integration.  Ariel considers every flower a complete work of art on its own, not just a medium of execution for the piece. His creations remind us to take a moment to appreciate the details in nature, and our lives, that allow progress to proceed seamlessly.






May 9th 2015,  Now Contemporary Art,  Group Show, Miami Fl.

August 8th 2015, Now Contemporary Art, Group Show, Miami Fl.

December 12th 2015, Now Contemporary Art, Group Show , Miami Fl.

February 11th 2016,  Art Wynwood, Miami Fl.

May 14th 2016, Now Contemporary Art, Group Show, Miami Fl.

October 12th 2017,  ABRA Gallery (Grand Opening North Miami), Group show, North Miami Fl.

November 29th 2018, Curators Voice Art Projects, Art Contest Miami Basel Season (Awarded 1st place), Miami Fl.

December 29th 2018, Loud Gallery, Group Show, Orlando Fl.

January 16th 2019, Art Palm Beach, West Palm Beach Fl.

January 30th 2019, Curators Voice Art Projects, Vortex (Curated show), Miami Fl.

December 6th 2021, Red Dot Miami, Miami Fl.

November 7th, 2019,  ABRA Gallery (Grand Opening Las Olas), Group show, Ft. Lauderdale Fl.

October 13th 2022, River House Galleries, (Solo Show), Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.